We are pleased to announce our latest update to The Legal Assistant, our leading suite of Legal Practice management software. This update brings an array of new features and improved functionality to both the core software product and its matter specific modules in addition to reliability improvements and bug fixes.


General updates affecting all modules

Unprotected Attachment Distribution

A popular request was to allow the distribution of system generated Microsoft Word documents from the attachments screen in unprotected form primarily so that users could continue to edit letters after they had been created. This is particular useful for legal contracts where you would want to ‘track changes’ in the document.

Integration with EFax

We have now added the popular internet faxing service ‘EFAX’ to our list of supported fax distribution methods. Now you no longer need a physical fax machine in your office, if you are signed up with eFax, all you need to do is update your company parameters and select EFAX as your fax service and thats it. The next time you distribute a letter via fax, it will use your eFax provider.

Ability to Complete/ReOpen event log entries

It is now possible to mark event log entries as either complete or re-open completed entries directly from the event log form.

Printed Case Statistics

We have now added a ‘Print’ button to the case statistics dialog, so you can easily obtain an overview of your system in hard copy, including statistics such as open/closed cases.

Outlook Calendar Synch (OLSYNCH)

OLSynch is an additional feature that can update your personal calendar in your own installation of MS Outlook with calender entries held in The Legal Assistants system calendar assigned to you automatically with no intervention. This is a fantastic feature for those who require their personal calendars are kept up to date with their office activities, even for mobile users as long as they already have synchronization in place between their mobile device and their office calendar.

TO DO List overview default search dates.

The search date range now defaults from today’s date to 30 days ahead.

Defendant search include Opposite Parties

Both the Defendant and Opposite Party databases will be searched when you carry out a search from either case form as they both typical represent a conflict.

Emails can now be sent BCC

The attachment/email distribution facility now additionally supports Blind Carbon Copy(BCC).

Importing an Email from Sent Items

An issue has been resolved when importing emails from the ‘Sent Items’ email resulting in the incorrect date being carried over to the case attachments form.

Referral field issue resolved

An issue was identified and has been resolved involving the Referral field on the case details form.

The Personal Injury Assistant Enhancements

Inclusion of Police Departments database (State specific)

You can now select, and maintain the related police departments through the additional accident details interface.

Other events are now printable.

A facility has been introduced allowing a report to be generated of all ‘Other Events’ across all cases, filterable by date.

Doctors list now printable

The list of Doctors linked to a case can be quickly printed providing a hard copy of all the doctors details.

Introduction of Interpreter Required flag against the case.

It is now possible to indicate on your case file whether an interpreter will be required at court events. This field can then be used within your letters to the courts to indicate the interpreter requirement along with the language required.

No restriction on Deposition entries.

We have now made the number of depositions you are allowed to enter unlimited. In addition you can also click to see instant reports on depositions by attorney for that case, or globally across all cases and even limited by date range if required.

Defendants Attorney Personal Fax/Phone

An issue has been resolved while retrieving and presenting the personal fax and phone of a defendants attorney.

The Real Estate Assistant Enhancements

Surveyor Reference Number

You can now specify a reference number for the surveyor.


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