Welcome to the age where the days of pushing paper all day are coming to an end. The key is to become organized and discover that perfect legal software. There is a bunch of legal software options on the market, but they may not cater to YOUR needs, by your needs, I mean the paralegal. A paralegal is one of the most critical assets in a law firm to manage the day-to-day operations of the firm and make your attorney’s life a little easier. Attorneys and paralegals are not familiar with a “9 to 5,” and having software that you can access out of the office, at home, or on the go can be a GAME CHANGER.

The Legal Assistant Software can drastically improve your ability to manage your current caseload with the ability to handle more cases than you ever imagined. A paralegal already does the work of ten men, so with efficient legal software, you can double, or even triple those numbers making for an impressive resume and a productive firm. Trust me; it will not go unnoticed.

The Paralegal’s Daily Agenda

A paralegal is the mitochondria of a law firm, the literal powerhouse. A paralegal’s daily takes include drafting letters, motions, discovery, complaints, and much more. Since paralegals wear many hats, many paralegals wear the administrative hat. Some administrative tasks include tracking checks, invoicing, receiving client payments, maintaining the firm’s bills, marketing expenses, and managing the attorneys’ calendar.  This is far from an exhaustive list. For all the tasks listed above, this proves that legal software is essential to streamline administrative processes.

Paralegals and legal assistants are always multitasking. Since we are human, mistakes are bound to happen. Do not be too hard on yourself; it is just part of the profession. One of the most common errors among paralegals and legal assistants is forgetting to calendar a hearing date. That is the WORST! Paralegals hate making mistakes, but they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves. It is no surprise that with all the daily chaos that one may get missed. But what if I told you there is a way to eliminate human error? The Legal Assistant is equipped with features that will virtually eradicate human error.

The Legal Assistant Software

Photograph of paralegal using legal software

The Legal Assistant is an all-inclusive legal software program designed for paralegals, legal assistants, and other legal staff. The Legal Assistant is a versatile software that benefits and excels in many areas of law. Whether a firm specializes in criminal law, personal injury law, real estate, or family law, you will be equipped with a simple, reliable, and organized hub to store and maintain case files, information, and the firm’s administrative information in real-time.

Low Price, High Quality

The Legal Assistant respects a firm’s budget. The Legal Assistant is packed with essential features that allow you to manage your firm or business to pay only for what you need.  The Legal Assistant offers different versions of the software, whether Cloud or On-Site. You also can select the modules that best fit your firm’s area(s) of law and the number of staff who will need to access the software.

Customized to Perfection

Each law firm will have different needs. The variety of needs is typically based on the firm’s size, practice area, and long-term goals. All of which is configurable for your firm’s specific needs, moreover The Legal Assistant comes loaded with predefined events for each module. A paralegal will relish in the hundreds of Microsoft word templates available immediate use. All templates are customizable and easy to use. Any outgoing correspondence is automatically merged with the data previously entered so you won’t need to waste a minute re-inserting previously entered data.

Seize the Day – Tackle that Inbox

Two Words. Email Management. A paralegal’s inbox can become flooded within minutes. They are typically copied on their attorney’s emails as well to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. The types of emails range from potential client inquires, retained client correspondence, marketing, court filings, invoices/bills, in-house communications, emails from opposing counsel, and much more.

The Legal Assistant monitors emails while tackling incoming and outgoing mail. Incoming mail can be scanned and sent to the assigned case file within seconds. This allows the attorneys or other members of the firm to be informed in real-time.

Task Management and Workflows

Screenshot of The Legal Assistant software showing Task Management for paralegals

The internal communication between your legal team is just as important as any other communication you send externally. The Legal Assistant provides comprehensive task management features providing the attorneys and paralegals with full inter-office messaging capabilities, audio dictation, and customized workflows based on the case type, practice area, and its specific cased details. Attorneys often need to dictate important information on-the-go, The Legal Assistant allows the attorney to quickly send a task to the paralegal along with a recorded audio dictation, and a direct reference to the assigned case.

The Legal Assistant is as the name says, your 24/7, on-demand, legal assistant. You can be notified via email of your daily to-do list and calendar with nightly notifications, so the paralegal can confirm the team is prepared for the next day.

The Legal Assistant also includes an event management feature. One example of this feature is a letter to remind a client of an upcoming hearing that is thirty days out. It also serves other vital functions. This feature sets The Legal Assistant apart from the rest.  It can generate and sign a preassembled letter. It sends the letter to the case file and notifies you so you can quickly review the letter, and any other event management has generated for you. Then it is only one click away before sending it via email or fax to the client and any other interested parties.

Legal Billing as Easy as 1,2,3

Screenshot of The Legal Assistant software showing Billing Management for paralegals

A law firm is always running on all cylinders. Leave it to The Legal Assistant to keep track of your billable time and automate routine processes. The Legal Assistant’s document assembly works to not only create a letter for a client but also automatically bills for that letter to the appropriate case. This process proves to be of both worlds and keeps track of billable hours that could inadvertently be skipped over during a busy workday.

A unique feature The Legal Assistant Provides is a lightning-fast process to make monthly invoicing a breeze. The software customizes an invoice template to your firm’s specifications. The template is easy to set up, and once the document is generated, it is ready to be sent to the client. This process can be automated to send on a specific date with a minimum trust balance.

Expanding Marketing Campaigns

The Legal Assistant boosts client communication and strengthens the attorney-client relationship. Want to wish them a happy birthday, automatically? No Problem.  Planning an open house or holiday party? No problem, email everyone within a city or zip area and let them know by email or printed letter.

Making the Switch – Data Conversion

A paralegal may already have his or her organizational system and thinking about converting all data to new software can be overwhelming. Relax, The Legal Assistant can discuss the firm’s requirements in detail, and the good news; the chances are that we already have a converter for your existing data.

Stress Less & Let The Legal Assistant Worry About the Rest

Even when you’re not working, The Legal Assistant is. Implementing new innovative software may be the edge you’ve been looking for. The software is easy to navigate and easy to use. The Legal Assistant software will provide more time to focus on other matters in the firm. Paralegals and their unmatched work ethic never cease to amaze their attorneys with new ideas, helpful research, and continuing success. Behind every great attorney is an exhausted paralegal, but a great paralegal. The Legal Assistant sets a paralegal up for professional advancement and puts a firm on track for overall success. Keep up the hard work; remember, work smarter, not harder!

For more information on our customized modules, check the best paralegal software on the market. Also, be sure to schedule a free, quick, eye-opening demo to show you all the features you need TODAY.

It’s simple to learn, it’s easy to use, and you will not be sorry you gave us a try.


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