The Real Estate AssistantTM

Comprehensive case management software designed for the Real Estate Attorney guiding you from case intake through to the closing.

The Real Estate Assistant image for pc and tablet

Everything required to manage Real Estate matters.

Hundreds of letters, forms. Automation triggers all designed for Real Estate matters along with databases for your Clients, Opposing Parties, Banks, Brokers and much more.

Document Generation

Hundreds of Real Estate letter templates including letters to Banks and Brokers, Title Agency, Surveyors, the Buyers or Sellers Attorney and many other Parties.

Email/Fax Integration

Save hours of manual labor with allocation and email management, incoming mail and emails can be quickly associated with the relevent case files and distributed onto Medical Providers, Defense Attorneys or any other involved party via fax or Email with a click.

Critical Date Reporting

You’re always informed of key events for your case files. With the Calendar, Tasks and Email notifications you’ll never be unprepared.

Great Support

There is no steep learning curve and if you need help we provide chat, ticket based and remote support, and a rich library of how-to articles and videos to aid you should you need assistance.

Real Estate Databases

Include Banks and Brokers, Surveyors and Title Agencies, House and Pest Inspectors, Buyer or Seller Law Firms and Attorneys in addition to core databases for Clients, Opposing Parties and any other type of custom contact

Simplicity by Design

The Legal Assistant is designed with ease of use in mind. You can search and display information related to your contacts and case files from any page. When the phone rings a click is all you need to rapidly locate information when you need it.

Hundreds of Real Estate Letters & Forms

In addition to standard letters and forms, the Real Estate Module gives you all the letters and forms you need, including

  • Letters to your Clients
  • Letters to the Opposing Parties
  • Letters to the Sellers or Buyers Attorney
  • Letters to Surveyors
  • Letters to Title Agencies
  • Letters to Register of Deeds
  • Letters to Banks & Mortgage Brokers
  • Letters to Agencies & Brokers